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For as long as I remembered, I’d been sleeping like the dead. Could slip at any hour, in any place, deep into that cool night where the heartbeat crawls and dreams are stilled like small animals in winter. Not on account of some inner serenity or the easy conscience of an unspotted soul. It was a . . . 

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Q&As on Shamus Dust?

Author and journalist BV Lawson at In Reference to Murder asked: "How did Shamus Dust come to be?" 

Journalist Deborah Kalb asked "What connections do you see between your story and today's headlines?" . . .

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Trouble was in the air. Right now there were Soviets in Berlin, Communists in Manchuria, Zionists in Palestine. And the Americans on Bikini Atoll weren’t there for the beaches or the or the coconuts. But in the end, those were just headlines in the foreign pages. The City of Lon . . .

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Top reviews of Shamus Dust?

Every so often a book comes along that is so beautifully written and so haunting that a reviewer has to dig deep to even begin to do it justice. Shamus Dust by Janet Roger is one such...Shamus Dust is simply brilliant. Sparkling prose. Read Fully Booked's review and plenty more.

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