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A beautifully written Noir mystery/thriller featuring a private eye who'd give Philip Marlowe a run for his money. ... The language is a delight. First time author Janet Roger's description of war-torn London as the city suffers a bitterly cold winter will make the reader shiver. It's a story you don't want to end as you cheer for the good guy and hope he makes it out the other side in one piece. This is crime writing of the highest order and if there's any justice in this world, Janet Rodger's first novel will win a shedload of awards. I do hope we hear from Newman again. Highly recommended.​  - GRAM /G.G. LYNCH [Goodreads / Amazon]

A thriller that carries the reader on a Chandlerish tidal wave of poetic fiction with twists and turns enough to satisfy the most discerning reader. It's 1947 London but reads like fifties Chicago. Brilliant! Hope there's more of the same ilk to come from Janet Roger who writes like she's been doing so for decades.​ - DAVE TULLEY [Amazon]

Shamus Dust by Janet Roger is a stunning homage to the noir novels of Chandler and Hammett. Set in a frozen City of London at the turn of the year in 1947, this is a compelling, twisting page turner that combines a hard boiled American detective in Newman, multiple brutal murders, corrupt city police, femmes fatales (yes more than one!) and more dark secrets than the average reader can cope with. I loved this novel, the descriptions of London recovering from the blitz are outstanding, the lead character is pitched perfectly and the plot draws all of its threads together elegantly as it draws to a close. I am looking forward to Janet Roger’s next book, she is a real find! This is as good as it gets.  - STEVEN FELDMAN [Goodreads / Amazon]

A must-read for all crime fans who enjoy compulsively readable crime & those with an appreciation of beautifully lyrical prose ... A MASTERPIECE. - LOU. BOOKISH PHILOSPOHER [Goodreads Librarian / NetGalley / Amazon Top 100 Reviewer]

..there is nothing better than transcendent writing put to the service of a mystery. Shamus Dust is one of the best examples I've come across ... the noir vibe was so pervasive that my mental picture throughout was the black-and-white of a mid-century gumshoe film. The sooty, snowy, London winter setting didn't hurt, and the only color seemed to be the vibrant red lipstick worn by the women. - KAYE, DKW [Goodreads / NetGalley /Amazon ]

This is a wonderfully well written homage and a gritty superbly plotted PI noir in its own right.  The characterization is spot on and believable. This is a very well crafted and engaging mystery. As other reviewers have said, there are nods to Chandler, Cain, Hammett, and the rest of that crew, but honestly, the author's own unique voice is what kept me reading long into the night. -  ANNIE NonStopReader Norway [Goodreads  #14 Reviewer / Amazon ]

Janet Roger engages in impeccable research in this atmospheric and moreish historical novel with its diverse skilfully depicted range of characters, its sharp and often witty dialogue, and lyrical prose. For a debut, this is astonishingly good, with all the requisite elements that comprise hard boiled detective fiction, all done with style and panache. It has the political intrigue, the glamorous dames, lies and sordid secrets, racketeers, a morally compromised police force and a PI that just will not give up, no matter the brutal beatings he undergoes or the financial carrots on offer. If you are a fan of hard boiled classic detective fiction, then this is an absolute must read. -  PAROMJIT, SEVENPIN  [Goodreads #2 Best Reviewer UKAmazon top 500]

If you like Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammet, or others of the type, in print and/or film, you will absolutely love Shamus Dust. Janet Roger has completely captured the noir patois the masters mastered, and has restored it to life in this tale of greed, vice, and corruption in the post-war 1947 City of London ... I am deeply, deeply disappointed...that this book ever had to end.  - WILL BYRNES [Goodreads]

So you thought Raymond Chandler was dead, did you? Think again. Do you believe in reincarnation? Easier if you do. Cause I think he’s been reincarnated. He’s back with us, only now we call her Janet Roger. Think Sam Spade. Think Philip Marlowe. Think film noir. B Movie. American voiceover from old black and white crime cinema. Read this book in black and white. Don’t think colour unless it’s blood. - GEE [Amazon]

Shamus Dust by Janet Roger. It’s very easy for me to write the next sentence. I have never read a book quite like Shamus Dust. I’ve seen other reviewers comparing Roger’s style to other writers, but for me, there’s something very unique and alluring about this story. - CHLOE WELLS DOUGLAS [Amazon]

I loved this book. Janet Roger is one of the few writers of "boiler plate detective books" that actually keeps you wondering, "what next?" ... Good writing and good reading.  - SANDRA SLACK [Goodreads /Amazon]

Shamus Dust surprised me. Not because I didn't expect to like it. I start every new book with at least the hope of liking it. But this one hooked me from the beginning and held on tight, page after page. I thought I had seen that this was a debut, but the more I read, the more convinced I became that this had to be the work of an author who had grown in her talent leading up to this wonderfully written story. But no, when I checked, Shamus Dust is a debut, and let me tell you, Janet Roger has set the bar quite high with this one ... This is one killer debut.  - BECKY BALDRIDGE [Goodreads /NetGalley /Amazon]

Raymond Chandler has been reincarnated in the expressive prose of Shamus Dust. ... it is the lush writing style that makes Shamus Dust stand out. - DIANE HERNANDEZ [Goodreads / NetGalley /Amazon]

If you enjoyed Raymond Chandler’s style of writing, and are looking for a new PI from this era, and city. London with its dark, murky, bomb ruined streets, then Newman is your man. This book has everything murder, mystery, blackmail, tension, great characters and plot. I highly recommend it. - JACQUELINE SHARP [Goodreads /Amazon]

Shamus Dust is one of those unexpected surprises. When you open up this box, don't assume it's just another wannabe-Hardboiled tale ... Written in rich, thick prose that you could get lost in, this is a spectacular journey. Don't make the mistake of skimming anything, there's a lot on every page and all of it is important. Don't blink or you might miss something important. A very impressive debut indeed. - DAVID WILDE [Goodreads Librarian /NetGalley /Amazon]

This is how you write a detective/murder mystery to impress me. A proper noir set in post-war London. Very atmospheric, vivid descriptions, I've enjoyed the occasional sarcasm, in other words: I loved almost every single page of it. Brilliant writing style, feeling like a classic of the genre. An array of interesting characters, portraying a large palette of human behaviors and morality. I truly rooted for the doc and the detective to get together ...  Highly recommended!  - CATALINA [Goodreads Librarian]

Set in London in the aftermath of the second world war, Shamus Dust is a masterly historical thriller/police procedural. Janet Roger is utterly convincing in her depiction of a bombed-out London, still on rations, with shortages the norm, but with the opportunities of re-building and re-growth exciting the attention of some very unsavoury characters. An excellent book, and an author worth following.  - SARAH W, Constant Reader [NetGalley /Amazon]

A writer new to me but this was a highly impressive debut. Well written with lush descriptive prose, an original plot and an atmospheric description of post war London.  Hard to ask for much more - highly recommended." - GREVILLE WATERMAN [Goodreads /NetGalley /Amazon]

As I got further into the story I gained familiarity with them (the characters) and would find myself thinking of the story, wanting to get back into their world. That is the greatest gift an author can give to a reader and Roger delivers!  - VALERIE  [Goodreads /NetGalley /Amazon]

I thoroughly enjoyed this very well written murder mystery set in 1947 London. The atmosphere and sense of place was spot on ...  highly recommended and gets one of my rare five stars.  - SHARYN, Closet Romantic [Goodreads /NetGalley]

Every so often a book comes along that is so beautifully written and so haunting that a reviewer has to dig deep to even begin to do it justice. ... Janet Roger creates a divine metaphor in the final three pages. - DAVID PRESTIDGE [Goodreads / Fully Booked /Amazon]

The plot has so many unexpected twists that I couldn’t help gasping out loud while I was reading it ... each sentence is important and must be read carefully. Nothing can be skimmed, otherwise you’ll miss something important and find yourself having to go back. FON, ALLYSERIA [Goodreads / Amazon]