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Updated: Nov 12

SHELAGH MERLIN lives in a wine growing area of Victoria, Austalia. A passionate reader and writer Shelagh spends some of her spare time traveling and taking photos. She's also a NetGalley professional reviewer and copy editor who just reviewed Shamus Dust. Here's what she had to say on Goodreads and Amazon:

"Cast your mind back to a time when people took the time to read and savour each word, when life moved at a slower pace and when we could all breathe and relax. Into this world author Janet Rogers has introduced an intriguing tale of murder, mystery and mayhem. Set in 1947 London, a city still reeling from the devastating effects of war, Shamus Dust is an utterly fascinating tale that had me thinking of the movie Casablanca.

Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, 1942. Dir. Michael Curtiz.

Things were not quite as they seemed and as the story progressed the mysteries built. This book is largely narrative and as such moves at a leisurely pace. Some readers might find it a little too slow but for me it was a relief to slow down and take the time to absorb the words. I thoroughly enjoyed following the trail with American PI Newman and found the conclusion more than satisfying."

MIKE DAVIES lives in South Australia but still has a heartfelt longings for his native Wales. He's a singer-songwriter and guitarist who also enjoys reading. As the first person ever to tell me he'd received his paperback after the book was finally published at the end of October this year, I was especially pleased to see his review of Shamus Dust on Goodreads.

"A bit unfair to Janet Roger perhaps to start this review with comparisons with Raymond Chandler and Philip Marlowe but I have missed both! Shamus Dust is the shot in the arm that I and probably others have been quietly longing for. With a stroke of creative mastery Janet Roger situates the lead character in London and unapologetically avoids any temptation to make the setting contemporary. I found myself immersed in a well-crafted story with intriguing threads and characters (also importantly reminded me of why I should miss British winter weather). The humour, the quips, the characters are first class. Thank you Janet!

Now... I have always been disappointed with how well Marlowe has been portrayed in film; it has never quite worked for me. Perhaps that's the way it should and needs to stay. However, any filmmaker truly attempting to capture the Marlowe character and the Chandler tradecraft should be compelled by law to engage Janet Roger!!! :-) She is a welcomed living author who truly understands, feels and reflects it."

Both these reviews arrived on the same day which was curious enough. But do I sense a common heritage I wonder?

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Janet Roger is the author of SHAMUS DUST : HARD WINTER, COLD WAR, COOL MURDER - available for purchase on Amazon UK and Amazon US

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