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A terrific P.I. novel set in London just after the WWII. The prose is elegant, the wit sharp, and the observations acute.  John Crawley

The shamus is an American, an outsider and he sees it differently - more detail, more understanding and we find, more humanity than the entitled, the wealthy, the corrupt. Jim Biddle

Janet Roger knows how to spin a tale and draw out the suspense.  Claire Sheehy

Written in rich, thick prose that you could get lost in, this is a spectacular journey. Dave Wilde

I want more, much more of this hard-bitten, battered, bruised, and hugely cynical, but ultimately big-hearted PI. Jon Morgan

It's a story you don't want to end as you cheer for the good guy and hope he makes it out the other side in one piece. This is crime writing of the highest order.  GG Lynch


It’s rare to find a crime novel, an historical crime novel that boasts such elegant prose..  Gill Chedgey

This book has everything - murder, mystery, blackmail, tension, great characters and plot. I highly recommend it.  Jacqueline Sharp

Every so often a book comes along that is so beautifully written and so haunting that a reviewer has to dig deep to even begin to do it justice. Shamus Dust by Janet Roger is one such. David Prestidge

The conversations drip with classic black and white noir, and some of the colours she puts into the descriptions read like poetry. Jason Beech

Mystery, intrigue, suspense-  it’s all here in one masterfully written, exquisitely unique story. I applaud Janet Roger and give her book my highest recommendation.  George Yuhasz
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