"Shamus Dust by Janet Roger opens in post war London on a cold and bleak Christmas morning of 1947, when freelance detective Newman receives a call from Councillor Drake to hand over the keys of one of the Councillor’s properties to the City Police and report on the exact reason as to why this access was requested.


Newman, to his surprise, discovers that one of the tenants of Drake’s many properties in the city has been murdered and this has triggered the request for the access to the property. Newman senses something amiss when he discovers that the murdered man was a hustler and blackmailer named Jarrett.


One thing leads to the another and Newman finds himself in a middle of a conspiracy connected to the city’s rich and powerful. As the body count starts piling up and people key to the investigation are bumped off in a systematic fashion, there is no doubt that the ruthless assassin would strike again if not thwarted. Meanwhile, the City Police have caught the wrong person and are desperate to close the case by pinning the murders to him.


As Newman discovers that the rot runs too deep in the system, he is running out of time to solve the case. Acting as a lone wolf with no cooperation from the City Police, can Newman solve the quandary or will his efforts meet an untimely end at the hands of the forces running the show?

A deeply atmospheric novel that revolves around themes of greed and corruption, Shamus Dust takes the reader back to post war London, a city severely fractured by the sting of the war, where greed, corruption and crime rules the roost and moral values have taken a backstage in face of overwhelming greed.

The buildup to the mystery is slow and steady. Post war ravaged London has been described in great detail. Much care have been taken in character building. A city wrecked by war with a scarcity of prospects and rations, the vestiges of the war still lingering in the minds of the survivors and loosening moral strings that is at times abetted by the urge to survive in difficult times, a mad scramble of a share of the pie that will come from rebuilding the city.


Shamus Dust is as much as a document of the society in post war London along with being a thriller."

This review was first published on 28 October 2019 by Soumini Basu on  Amazon and Goodreads

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